…it’s unlocking creative potential so that my clients can build successful brands for the future.

Specifically, Ruth worked with us to brainstorm and clarify the new direction of our business, to plan and facilitate events and marketing, & to understand and familiarise ourselves with the workings of large retailers.
We’re hugely grateful to Ruth for the work she did with us.
— Emily, Co-owner at Perrymans Design

do you:

  • Enjoy creative freedom and the ability to work for yourself but at the same time need your designer/maker business to give you a sustainable income?

  • Lack direction and feel you or your brand/shop is stuck in a rut?

  • Want to expand your collections but dont know how to rationalise or streamline your ranges?

There couldn't be a better time for you to grow your business within retail or enhance your collections as a designer/maker.

get to know your industry

Today E-commerce lavishes consumers with product information and a choice of suppliers 

Consequently, consumers seek a more personalised experience from bricks-and-mortar stores 

Declining brand loyalty means you no longer need to lose out to high street giants

You now have the opportunity to compete on an increasingly level playing field.

How do you start?

To take advantage of new business opportunities, your customers need engaging reasons to connect with you 

But as a creative you might not have this specialist commercial awareness skill-set in-house

here's where I, as a retail consultant, can help! 

I saw Ruth when I was just starting out with the business and feeling a little unsure of the concept and what direction it should take. Not only did she give me confidence in the idea (and belief in myself) to move forwards with it she also provided some really practical next steps which led to the development of one of my best selling products.
— Emma, Owner Grasp & Gather

why consultancy or coaching?

I have more than 20 years experience in retail sourcing and product development for well-known high street brands and stores. 

By the same token, I understand the economic and commercial trends affecting the high street. 

My knowledge is relevant & contemporary.

More importantly, I know the right approach you need to take to capitalise on market conditions and achieve commercial success.

Now, Im using my experience to help designer/makers, lifestyle brands & retailers like YOU to gain confidence and achieve your potential.

When I met Ruth Lawrenson she was excited to find I was a potter and she obviously had an idea in her head of what my work might look like. Ruth had in some way sensed who I was and what I might be capable of yet it wasnt being expressed in my work. In a way I felt for the first time I had permission to be brave enough to try and put “me” into my work. I started drawing and painting from my life experiences and found I had a torrent of ideas and directions to go in.
Ruth’s experience in the buying/retail world gives her a perspective that most makers don’t have.
— Loo, Designer & Maker at Lucy Ogden


I look at your business objectively and aim to give you a fresh viewpoint.

I can help you:

Shape and define your brand

Develop and select products that suit your customer base

Deliver a value proposition and experience, which is different from your competitors. 

Source and negotiate partnerships.

Avoid common pitfalls 

Achieve commercial success with specific, measurable & profitable strategies


And with an improved sense of direction and focus, you can expect greater exposure to stockists & wholesalers. Better still, increased brand awareness and more sales. 

Ruth gave me a lot of useful feedback, and pointed out ways I could make small and manageable changes to help me progress to reach my end goal. As it happened, after having my meting with Ruth, I actually took the decision to close down my business because in fact that was the right move for me. Had I spoken to someone like Ruth before starting my business, perhaps I’d have done things a little differently from the beginning.
I would certainly recommend her. Thanks Ruth!
— Frances, Owner at Frances Stephens